Insurance /Payment Methods

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Consultation fee is $89 which includes vitals, exams and prescription scripts. A receipt for your health insurance company will be provided for you to file for reimbursement.You will be seen by a physician. We do not use nurses or physician assistants.

Payment Methods

Urgent Care/Semi Urgent care

Office visit is $149

Our Adult Urgent Care Clinic is located at our beautiful 24th and I NW office. We have services available on Holidays and weekends because we realize that patients don’t decide when they become ill.

Hormonal Treatments

The consultation fee is $89.

Low Sex Drive, Low Libido, Weight Gain, tired all the time, and you are over 40, these may be signs of low testosterone levels.

Weight Loss

Make your self beautiful

Our core approach is to assist Patients in losing weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support. No food is off limits; our goal is eat less and exercise less.